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 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2007年 1月24日(水)07時52分28秒
  All right, so I did send an invitation to you for Mixi. You will be my friend automatically, but you have to apply for "マイミク." Once I see you on Mixi, I will apply it, or I will accept yours, so let's talk on Mixi, too.
I heard this year's center exam were fraking hard. I just wish your son got enough score, but there is always "Next time." Tell your son to cheer up and look up!

it sounds good!

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2007年 1月23日(火)18時10分20秒
  He got back with a disappointment. I heard the math and English was difficult than every year. Maybe, he will get in college next year! Send me the invitation of Mixi! I am interested in it. I would start it, and I sought it. But it needed a invitation. I want to try Mixi. Let me know about it!  

how did your son do?

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2007年 1月23日(火)01時07分42秒
  I am very sorry that I made you worry about my health, but with medication, everything is well now, so please do not worry about it. So, how did your second son do for center exam? I did not have to take that since I came over to US, so I cannot imagine how it looks like, but I hope your son did well on it, and he can get in college/university he wants to get in. So, your son wants to study something medical? It has to be hard, but it will pay more... Wish your son gets in! By the way, do you have an account on Mixi? These days, I am updating my diary on Mixi more, so if you want to, I can invite you. How does it sound??  

center exam!

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2007年 1月19日(金)12時16分48秒
  I was relieved you were getting better. You have many experiences in USA. I am very grad to hear something from you about in USA. Above all, it is in English. Thanks again. My second son take a center exam for an entrance tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. He is nervous now. He has a meal a little. His hope of a major is a medical. haha. Money,money...  


 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2007年 1月17日(水)12時05分51秒
  My depression is getting better, but it is just annoying some time. I seriously want to sue my ex-roommate who caused my depression in order to get paid for my school, apartment and food! haha! You have three sons who will be in college next year? Wow. It has to be very hard for you. I feel bad for my parents though, since I stayed in college for 5 years but I never worked, and I cannot work now. I guess I am what we call "spoiled." I wish a good luck for your son who is taking an entrance exam!  

lunch break

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2007年 1月16日(火)12時30分18秒
  I figured out what "Luv" meant, perfectly. Thank you! I am very anxious about your depression. I wish your healing soon. By the way, my first son will be a graduate school in Spring, my second son take an entrance examination to university this week, and my third son will take it next year. I have to work hard and get money more and more! haha.
See you soon!

I am sleepy.

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2007年 1月15日(月)08時24分56秒
  I am glad you got to know what "Luv" meant. I believe it is pretty common among friends and families, so you may want to remember it.
So, you are doing push-up, etc for your health. It sound good. I tried to lose my weight, and I was doing same, but my new medicine has been making me nausea, headache and sleepy right now, so I am not doing it. My antidepressant medication made me gain 20 lbs in two months, so I have to lose them by my graduation! I will do my best. I am hoping some day I will learn how to play ping pong from you. I like it, but I do not know how to play myself. Teach me some day! Well, I talk to you soon.

Thank you ...

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2007年 1月11日(木)19時14分36秒
  very much for your explanation about "Luv". So I saw this word first time, I felt it was fresh. Ordinary, Snoopy wrote "love" in the last sentence.
I am doing push-up and abdominal muscles every day science this year, because of my health. I decided to do the both things more twenty times. I continued them without skip until yesterday. I will continue them as long as possible. I think I will play ping pong some games in this year.

about "Luv"

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2007年 1月10日(水)15時10分29秒
  Sorry it took me for a while to show up here again. My internet was down and I was not able to come here. Anyway. Let me explain about "Luv." As you probably know, I used the word "Luv" as "sincerely," "best wishes," or such. It is used to friends and families. I felt like you are one of the friends, and I always use the word "luv" for my letter or email for my friends, so do not be surprised! It does not matter if I use for same or opposite gender, usually. If you want to avoid confusion, you may want to use something else, or in business, NEVER USE! But as long as it is close relationship, it is not a problem at all! So,

Happy New Year!

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2007年 1月 5日(金)14時38分50秒
  Thanks for your showing up again. I noticed an important thing. That was "Luv". I didn't know this word. I made translate this word with Yahoo translator. It said "anata". I consulted a dictionary this word again today. It said "LOVE". Wow, my face gradually turned pink, haha.