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about "Luv"

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2007年 1月10日(水)15時10分29秒
  Sorry it took me for a while to show up here again. My internet was down and I was not able to come here. Anyway. Let me explain about "Luv." As you probably know, I used the word "Luv" as "sincerely," "best wishes," or such. It is used to friends and families. I felt like you are one of the friends, and I always use the word "luv" for my letter or email for my friends, so do not be surprised! It does not matter if I use for same or opposite gender, usually. If you want to avoid confusion, you may want to use something else, or in business, NEVER USE! But as long as it is close relationship, it is not a problem at all! So,

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