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I am sleepy.

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2007年 1月15日(月)08時24分56秒
  I am glad you got to know what "Luv" meant. I believe it is pretty common among friends and families, so you may want to remember it.
So, you are doing push-up, etc for your health. It sound good. I tried to lose my weight, and I was doing same, but my new medicine has been making me nausea, headache and sleepy right now, so I am not doing it. My antidepressant medication made me gain 20 lbs in two months, so I have to lose them by my graduation! I will do my best. I am hoping some day I will learn how to play ping pong from you. I like it, but I do not know how to play myself. Teach me some day! Well, I talk to you soon.

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