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I am alright now

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月 9日(木)09時43分54秒
  I was really upset to hear sad news from my host sister, but I guess I got over pretty much. I just wish my host family to be happy and fine... I just hope they have peaceful mind as well. It has to be a hard time for them, too, u know... Anyway, u are gonna have Chinese stuff coming some time? It is gonna be a good chance for u to speak English with. I hope u have a good time w/ them and learn something. The more u practice, the more u learn! Good luck w/ it!  


 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 6月 8日(水)23時31分24秒
  I know your feeling, maybe. I don't know what to say for you, but cheer up please.  

am gonna talk to u later

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月 8日(水)12時24分28秒
  I am not sick now, but am very depressed to hear sad news in my host family... I found out that I lost great grandma in my host family, and my host sister has a cancer. She is only one year older than I am... I just wish her to be fine... I can't think of anything right now, so I will come talk to u tomorrow or later. Sorry, but my host family is my American family and I really love all of them...  

Thank u very much ...

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 6月 8日(水)00時50分25秒
  for ur presents! I seemed u were getting along a little. Please take care of urself again. Yep, I copied from ur sentence, because I found just fit it. haha. Next week, Chinese staffs are to come Japan to study newspaper printing. They are all genius member in China. One of them is a world math champion. And then I will study it with them. I am only Japanese. I may have a chance to talk them in English. The teacher speaks Japanese, and the translator translates into Chinese for seven days. I do not know what will do. Good night.  

present for u!

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月 7日(火)11時45分0秒
  "This high school HAS only male students." "The cheer boys that was eight people started to dance."  "My son danced in there."  I did not know about it, because I did not hear it from son.(This make sense, but u may say I didn't know about it, because my son never told me about that.)  "the next is to rotate seven times around the baseball bat which was(?) vertical on the earth." "When they finished it, they sit the chair in front of the desk, ..." And then they have to go through the next point using something. (bamboo horse is (bamboo) stilts in English, the three wheels scooter, ...). "Finally, they have a mission THAT they have to do it." "There ARE many kind of missions, such as searching a man, putting on nurse costume, the push-up 50 times OR so on." "THe race took long time." "I GUESS math was difficult for one student, because he took long time."
"what'S up?" "Do u know the reason why u (r) throwing up(OR threw up)?" "U said  U R GOING TO get along IN ur email." "I hope u will get over the ill SOON."
"eat and drink something good for ur stomach." "I wish u TO get better!"
**Last sentence was my mistake. I really didn't read before I submit my paragraph. It really should be TO instead of FOR, I believe. It is narutal way for me. I guess u probably copied from my sentence, so it is my fault. Sorry!

I am better...

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月 7日(火)11時27分37秒
  but not perfect. I went to class, and after that, I slept well. I wanted to go see a doctor today, but I didn't find anybody who could give me a ride. Now, I am OK, so I guess I will be better tomorrow. I will eat and drink something good for my stomach. I will take care of myself. Well, ur son's sports festival sounds very interesting. Mine was really boring that I did not even join it my senior yr. haha. We didn't even have obstacle races. We had some races that seem like elementary stuff. I really hated folk dance, so I kept skipping practice, and I was watching my classmates dancing in front of them at club tent. I really wish mine was interesting... Ur son's is really interesting. I would like to see it some time!  

I wish u for getting better!

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 6月 7日(火)00時26分9秒
  I guessed u would get over if u slept for one night. I think u had better see a doctor, take enough rest, and eat and drink something being good for stomach. I cannot do anything for u. Take care of urself. I wish u for getting better!  

am still sick...

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月 6日(月)12時42分3秒
  I am feeling better than yesterday, and I didn't throw up at all, but still have uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I don't know if it is due to food poison, or my accident trauma or something else. I wish it would be gone tomorrow. My friend told me to drink soda, but I hate soda. (can't drink soda) I hope everything's gonna be fine tomorrow. I really want to reply to ur sports festival report, because it sounds interesting, but I will wait till tomorrow. Sorry about it. Wish me for getting better! I will take care... good night.  

what up?

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 6月 5日(日)23時31分55秒
  It is too bad. Did u eat something wrong? Do u know the reason of throwing up? U said getting along at ur email, but u were feeling sick on BBS. I hope u will get over the ill early. Take care urself.  


 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月 5日(日)12時01分16秒
  I sent an email to u, but since then I am feeling really sick, and I threw up several times. I gotta go bed tonight, so I will reply to u later.