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Happy New Year!

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2007年 1月 3日(水)14時24分42秒
  How are you doing? I hope you are having a happy new year! I am having a great new year. I am sorry that I was not able to show up here for a long time. To be honest, I was diagnosed as depression in October, and due to that reason, I was not able to graduate in December. I will be a student one more semester. I do not know what I want to do after my graduation, but I will do my best. I hope you will have a great time with your families and friends, and I wish you a Happy New Year and a great year! I will come to here more often next semester, so let's keep talking!

Long time!

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2006年10月19日(木)19時41分9秒
  I am glad to be able to talk to you again. My job is making of programs. I make programs of new types. For example, they are Web applications, Microsoft word's Macros and so on. they are very intersting for me. By the way, is your stress a test of graduate? haha. Let me know what do you do after graduate, do you still stay in USA or not? I am intersted in your future. See you.  


 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2006年10月19日(木)04時51分28秒
  Hey, I have not talked to you such a long time! How are you? Right now, my school has been really stressful to me, but at least I am doing OK so far. I am ahead to graduate in December, but that is kind of questionable. Still, I enjoy my life here. Right now, I have to go, but will talk to you soon! Give me any email or message or whatever any time! Talk to you soon.  

BSU is...

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 9月 9日(金)14時04分3秒
  much better and SMARTER than New Mexico. I am sure of it. haha. It seems like I made really good choice to leave NM and come to Boise. I am glad for myself. Everything is so huge that I am confused, but will get used to it. I hope your work is going well and hope we can talk some time sooner or later. And thanks for your happy b/day message. I am appreciated. GOod luck with everything and let me know if I can do anything for ya. Love, snoopy  


 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 9月 4日(日)03時35分54秒
  I still have a hard time. I am working now. haha. I want to talk to snoopy very much and to study English more, but I have no time. I survive anyway. BTW, happy birthday to you. How about new surroundings? I am happy you showed up here. Thank you!
Love, wolf


 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 9月 4日(日)01時49分39秒
  Hey, what's up? I did not realize your message till now. I understand that you are having a hard time with your job, family or so, so I did not even check it out. I have never been there before, but I would like to go see it some time.
Well, hope everything's going well and talk to you later!
Love, snoopy


 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 8月21日(日)01時43分39秒
  Click URL below, PLZ!




 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 8月21日(日)01時05分3秒
  This picture is Neputa in Hirosaki. I took it with my cellular phone. I am sorry not to be able to let you hear the sound.  


 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月13日(水)14時55分16秒
  "I will understand you are not to show up here." "Thank you for you showing up here and correcting in spite of your hardship."  "Do your best before you are killed, but your GPA is enough score, so consider whether you drop it or not, because it is Psycho majors." (what does this sentence mean? It does not make sense.) Did you mean like "Do your best, but if your GPA is important, then consider whether you drop it or not, because you are psycho majors?" One important advise here. Don't connect too many simple sentences in one. Some time it is hard to understand like this.

My mother was operated on today.(My mother had operation today. is better.) Maybe(I think) she did not know it, either. (Don't use maybe and I think in same sentences, because it is somehow similar. And when u are saying to deny, don't use too; use either.) She was hospitalized yesterday in order to inspect the entrance of stomach. (entrance of stomch? Is there any English word that express? I am not sure what you are talking, since I am not a medical student.) I was going to go the hospital when she had operation though.(though? Which sentence does though relate to? Just correct this sentence to make better sense) "Probably she is  OK, because she called me by herself after the operation."

I decided...

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月13日(水)14時38分36秒
  to drop a class, because it is going to hurt my GPA so bad. I will be bored till middle of August, but I will go see my BF some time and have fun with him before I leave to Boise. This class just started last week as summer sessio 2, but many students already complained toward professor... Did your mom have operation? it must be surprised, but if she was OK, then it should be fine. I lost my grandma last year and I lost host grandmas this year, so I often feel sad. I will survive. You were left alone in Tokyo?? You will have some important job then! haha. Good luck w/ your work!!!