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Do you survive?

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月13日(水)00時20分2秒
  I think you work hard now. My project members went to Hirosaki tonight. I stayed in Tokyo. I became really lone wolf. haha. My mother was operated on today. I heard it was easy operation, but I did not know it was today. Maybe, I think she did not know it, too. She was hospitalized yesterday in order to inspect the entrance of stomach. I was going to the hospital when she was operated though. Maybe OK, because she called me by herself after the operation. Take care of yourself. Eat everything and take enough rest! Good night.  


 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月12日(火)00時38分22秒
  I missed you a little bit. I can accept not to show up here, because I know you show up here even if you are late. Your job is the studying. First of all you have to do it, and you show up here when you finished it. Thank you for you showed up here and corrections in spite of your hardship. Does the class continue, yet? Do your best before you are killed, but your GPA is enough score, so consider whether you drop it or not, because it is Psycho majors. Your messages changed, because you were using the complete words. I used the same way today. Good night.  


 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月11日(月)07時22分4秒
  For July 9, 2005
"I wanted to talk to him everything, but I could not translate them into English." "I did not come out English about what I want to say."

For July 9, 2005
"I think he is different level from me, but I will do my best!" "I am looking  forward to playing ping-pong and talking to him in English." "Please look forward to ping-pong competition(game) between Japan and Canada."

July 11, 2005
"I practiced ping-pong hard, because I have a competition(game) with Canada staff." "The competition(game) was scheduled on 7/22."

Sorry that...

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月11日(月)07時12分3秒
  I did not show up here for a while. I am taking psychology this very last semester in New Mexico, but that class is killing me! My classmate told me that this is her 3rd time to take same class! Psycho majors have to get at least letter grade of "C" but everyone is getting D or Fail. I guess I am gonna drop it, because it is gonna hurt my GPA and this is not required for me in BSU! Well, it sounds like you had difficulty to speak with your stuff in English. I guess you just need some more practice to speak. It is difficult to translate something into your second language. Do your best! And good luck with your competition with Canada stuff. I will be looking forward to hearing about it from you!  


 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月11日(月)00時17分6秒
  I practiced playing ping-pong hard, because I have to do it with Canada staff. I have pain all my body. The schedule of ping-pong was set at 7/22. Good night.  

I had an email ...

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月 9日(土)23時31分16秒
  from Canada staff. He is Toronto champion of ping-pong. He comes to Japan from 7/21 to 7/26. He wants to play ping-pong with me. Wow. I heard he won woman's represent of China. I think it is different level from me. But I will do my best! I look forward to playing ping-pong and talking to him in English. Please look forward to fighting ping-pong Japan versus Canada. haha. Good night.  


 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月 9日(土)01時44分18秒
  I focus on my aim of the future. Today, I could not talk to him well. Maybe I was tired, because of weekend. I would like to talk to him everything, but I could not translate into English. I did not come out English I want to say. I think I do it little by little. It is important that I continue to do it. I believe so. Good night.  

My own and your corrections

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月 8日(金)06時02分27秒
  My last sentence should be "now it is not big deal..." I guess I deleted a word I needed and added somewhere I did not need it...
"We can communicate about simple matter, but we need a translator to talk complex one." "I would like to work with him in English without translator some day." "I have sore throat since yesterday." "I will talk to him tomorrow more than today, because of the deadline for our job."
well, good luck w/ your English. The more you talk, the more you learn! Well, these days i really have a hard time with "u" and "you" in my paper since I use such a informal way. I will start using CORRECT form of English words. You'd better be careful as well, because once you get used to, you will have difficulty to spell/use right form like me!!!

Well, first...

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月 8日(金)05時51分37秒
  I have to tell that u misunderstood what I meant day before yesterday. What i meant by "I never know u r feeling uncomfortable" was my reply to ur reply that was "ur sentences were getting difficult for me." This relates to my sentences "I am probably gonna use some phrase and slangs. Befor u think I am angry, ASK ME what it means." That means u have to ASK me what I meant before u ask me if I am getting angry or not. I was really depressed when u asked me if I was angry, because how come do I get angry with u? Whole sentences relate to ur one question, if I was angry or not. I don't know if u were sure what I meant and how my sentences related, but I felt like u misunderstood some points from mine. It is not big deal now since u know u have to ask me what u don't understand! Please do not ask me that kind of question again, because if I am really angry with u, then it is the time we end up talking here! haha. I am saying pretty mean things to u today, but it is how I feel. But not it is big deal, so this story end today!  

Good night.

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月 8日(金)00時23分48秒
  Take care of ur/self. I have throat ache from yesterday. I might catch a cold. I have a throat candy, so I survived somehow. I talked to him in English a little today. I will talk to him tomorrow more than today, because of the deadline of our job. I go to bed early tonight. Good night.