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good night.

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月 7日(木)14時42分11秒
  I am gonna comment tomorrow due to headache. bye for now.  

I am not feeling uncomfortable.

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月 7日(木)00時56分0秒
  I am always appreciated with ur advices and corrections. Do not worry about it. I talked to Chinese staff in English today, too. I work with him, so we have to communicate each other. We can communicate about simple matter, although we need a translator to do the complex one. Finally, I would like to work with him in English without translator. I need ur help. Good night.  

to be honest

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月 6日(水)11時04分3秒
  I never thought I was gonna piss u off, but somehow I did. That fact pissed me off as well. That is the feeling I had yesterday, so I had to tell u that. I am probably gonna use some phrase and slangs. Befor u think I am angry, ASK ME what it means. Some time, I never know if it is slang or not. If u don't tell me, I never know u r feeling uncomfortable. Well, everybody has some kind of accents in English, and people may have difficulty at first, but once they used to hear them, it is gonna be easy to understand. I guess u guys need some time to learn English each other, since either of u r native speakers! Good luck.
Don't use same verbs in a sentence. "he will be used to (hear) my pronounciation." is better, but some case u may not need to use verb.


 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月 6日(水)00時21分56秒
  haha. U can use tags like a cafesta. Ur feeling was coming to my heart with red and large italic letters. I talked to Chinese staff in English today. He is young, and he speaks English well. I figured out what he said. But he did not figure out what I said. haha. Maybe my pronunciation was wrong, because I used very simple sentences. He will be used to be my pronunciation. haha. Good night.  


 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月 5日(火)02時01分29秒
  I am not angry at all. "Read before u submit ur sentences, so that it would help u to find a mistake or two." meant that u make sure to read ur sentences, so that u could prevent some errors. I'm not saying u r not doing it. I just wanted u to be careful, so that it is gonna be ur strengths w/ English. "A ~ or two" is phrase used often, and that means "some."
Please remember. I am here for u to help, but I am not here to be angry w/ u. I understand people, including myself, make mistakes in English! We never be perfect w/ grammar, syntaxs, or anything! I am encouraging u to use grammar book, so that u can explose new grammar, and u will find a good way to use them. If that is questionable, I am asking what u meant. I am not gonna discourage u from using grammar book, but again, please read and wonder if it is gonna make sense or not when I or someone read.
Good luck w/ ur English. I hope to hear some good news from u!

r u getting angry?

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月 5日(火)01時08分32秒
  I agree I read my sentences before I submit them. I think ur sentences were getting difficult for me. I could not figure out “or two”. I know u r not getting angry with me, because we are good partner. Let me know about it. I have a chance to talk another Chinese staff in English. I have to work with him. If he can speak English well, I may be able to talk to him in English. I try it tomorrow. Good night.  

If u use ur partner,

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月 4日(月)11時37分53秒
  u better be careful. If u use them wrong way, it makes me wonder what u meant. That is not bad things that u have such a nice partner though. Read before u submit ur sentences, so that it would help u to find a mistake or two. I really think u r serious person, but ur partner seems to be more serious than u r! I cannot believe it! haha.

"I am sorry that made u confuse." "I am sorry to confuse u." Hey, what did u mean "I have no idea how I say." About what? If it is ur book, then "I have no idea what to say about it." sounds better.

The number three ...

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月 4日(月)00時02分48秒
  "let's talk online again some time in Japanese" is right! I used the expression from my grammar book, and I added my feeling. haha. I am sorry to confused u. I wanted to try new expression. He works harder than me. I have no idea how I say. I guess he is serious person like me. I have no pain now. I may have pain tomorrow. Good night.  

Yeah, it was...

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 7月 3日(日)12時20分8秒
  nice to talk to u. After that, I talked to my loving one for five minutes. He was really tired, and he had to work this morning, so I let him go bed. I don't want him to block out, especially with his diabetes, so I told him to eat something, take insulin and rest. Well, it sounds like u really enjoyed playing ping-pong. I hope u r gonna survive w/ pain. It is good u won every game! U must teach me how to play it some day when my anemic is better!

"I played..." Again, it sounds like little inconsistency. "I played ping-pong hard today, although I usually play it lightly. I am afraid of having pain next few days."(I think I changed ur sentences in a way u wanted to say. If not, change ur sentences in different way!) "I did not want to lose a match to others (or other people)..." (Do u remember? If there is more than a person, don't use persons! use people. It is more natural way to say that!) What did u mean
by "Won't u talk to me online again some time in Japanese."? Did u mean "u r not gonna talk to me online again in Japanese some time?" or "Don't talk to me online again in Japanese?" or something else? I think u meant "let's talk online again some time in Japanese," didn't u? If not, please correct it! I am getting confused a little bit today.

it was nice...

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 7月 2日(土)23時28分9秒
  to talk to u online. I would like to talk to u in English like that speed and expressions. I played ping-pong hard, although I would play it easily because of next days’ pain. We practice ping-pong for half an hour, and we play games for one and half an hour. I do not want to lose other persons, so I do my best... I will have pains some day. haha. I won the every game today, too. Did u have a good time with "AITSU" last night? haha. Won't u talk to me online again some time in Japanese. Good night.