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I played...

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 6月19日(日)00時27分41秒
  ping-pong today. I did not do it for a long time. I feel better now, but I know I will be suffered from pains all of body in tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. haha. My grammar book does not have explanations about hope, but I could be figured out the difference between wish and hope by ur explanations, maybe. I think I have sometimes used hope. I hope u will come here to talk to me in future! What is the notes? Is it English grammar book? Why do u need English grammar? I seem that u r American. haha. Let me know what is written in it. I am curious. Good night.  

Ur grammar book...

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月18日(土)12時24分48秒
  seems to work somehow. U used some form I said last night! That's good. To be honest, I don't like 仮定法過去 and 仮定法過去完了, so I usually don't use. However, if u could use them, it would impress people, so please don't be like me, and try hard to learn and use them! I guess u r not gonna learn about hope from grammar book, because hope does not require special form to use like wish. It is normal verb, so u don't have to find out what's the correct way. U better know what is the difference b/w hope and wish though, like I told u last night. i am sure u r gonna do well on English if u keep studying here. Good luck. Btw, I found out very useful notes in my computer which was sent by my HS teacher! It is very useful that I am very glad to have it! It is gonna be my grammar book.  


 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 6月18日(土)01時14分57秒
  I have already learned 仮定法過去 and 仮定法過去完了. haha. I remembered them. I read and figured out them, but I forgot them soon, because I could not use them. I think I need to use what I learned grammar. I wish I could speak English like u. I wish I were able to give u some good news. And, I wish I had learned more English when I was young. If it had not been for ur help, I could not have learned English. Thank u again. I will continue to do this BBS! I did not learn about hope from the grammar book yet. Good night.  

wish and hope

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月17日(金)14時48分33秒
  I don't think I am right for everything, but if u keep talking to me, then ur English will look like mine. my close friend's English is very similar to mine. haha. As long as u care what u r writing, it helps! BTW, I have to explain wish and hope today. Usually, hope is used when something is possible to happen, while wish is used possibility to happen a thing is very little, but still expect it to happen. If u have a grammar book, please check 仮定法過去 and 仮定法過去完了. The word wish is often connected with them, but I have no idea how to explain it. Ur grammar book is probably better than my explaination with my feeling. Ur last sentence could be "I hope I will have better English skills like u" or "I wish I had better English skills like u." If u have any questions about 仮定法過去 and/or 仮定法過去完了, let me know! I don't even know how to say them in English... hahahahaha.  

Thank u for...

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 6月17日(金)00時49分42秒
  ur explanations. I think u r right everything, because I was sending my messages to u without consulting something. Ur explanations made good sense. I wish I have English skill like urs soon. Good night.  

Meaning of ur name is...

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月16日(木)15時11分52秒
  really interesting, I think. I was really impressed. Did u have a good time to talk with Chinese staff? I am sure u did! Well, ur mistake was acceptable, but please be careful to not to make ur sentences inconsistency! I am glad u kind of have sense to "another and other," and "during and while." These are really useful, so please try to use them right way, or otherwise it is going to make people confused. And some corrections for ur sentences. When u are talking about fraction, and numerator is more than one, denominator has to have S after that number. So ur expression "three fourth" is not wrong, but it has to be "three fourthS." Or u could express it as "three quarters," only when denominator is 4. I feel like teaching math class right now... And I am not really sure, but I feel after the word "figure out" u probably don't use about. I feel I would say "I figure out other and another" instead. I will ask my BF about this some time. One more! "I made sense ur corrections." is not natural way. From my experience, noun or pronoun should be subject. I am not sure if I am right or wrong, but I usually hear "his argument doesn't make sense," or "what she said made really good sense." I never heard this expression with people as subject. If u have any way to check this, please do so. I will ask this as well, but ur way of expression is something I am not familiar with. Remember, I am not always right, but I am trying to figure out to help u learn natural way. If u find the way in ur grammar or English book, that means it is acceptable. I am always saying things with my feeling, so if I am wrong, sorry!  

I made ...

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 6月16日(木)00時55分19秒
  sense ur corrections. I did not notice about three third at all. I am sorry. I wanted to say one third. I read three fourth of the grammar book now. Ur opinion is right. My words may be ambiguous in Japanese, too. I had better be careful it. I figured out about other and another. This time, other is right, because there are three people. And I figured out during and while very well. This time, "I am free while they translate it" is right. Today, I was sleepy while they translate it. haha. I explained meaning of my name to them in English at lunch. They pleased it. Thank u for long messages to me. I am happy. Good night.  

corrections to ur message

 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月15日(水)13時12分25秒
  "I read three third(3/3? u mean all?) of the grammar book, but I still cannot use it." "my ability to express something will increase." sounds better. "I am going(thinking) to talk to Chinese staffs in English, but I may not have a chance to talk to them in English, because(could be since) we have two translators who translate our conversation and its contrary from Japanese into Chinese." ur corrections really made sense. However, the sentence "I am going to..." was not clear, because u first stated u were going to speak English with Chinese staff, but then u are saying u may not. Ur words are inconsistent with what u stated first in ur way. I know it happens a lot, but be careful. If u do this in Englsih, people would ask u "so, what's ur point?" So, make sure u clearly state ur points. "I could not talk to other people." Another relates to one different people or things, usually. if u have more than one different people, use other. I can't explain to u well, but it is the basic knowledge of me to use another and other. "I am free during translation (OR while they translate it.)" I think I explained during and while, but just remind u that after the word "during," it has to be noun that explains specific time, while the word "while" explains non-specific time. For example, if u explain ur trip, u would use "during my trip," because it is specific time, but if u explain the time I was at supermarket, U would say "while I was at a supermarket," because it does not indicate specific time or day.   Hope it makes sense to u.  

Don't worry!

 投稿者:lone wolf  投稿日:2005年 6月15日(水)00時43分11秒
  Thank u for ur message in spite of ur hardship. First of all, u have to do school works. I couldn't find out my problems in my sentences. Let me know about them when u have time. I talked to the math champ about tiny things in English today. Good night, sunu-panda!  


 投稿者:snoopy  投稿日:2005年 6月14日(火)15時44分49秒
  I gotta go bed today. I am so tired, and I did not even have free time today. I was always writing papers and papers. I am sick of writing right now. Ur sentences make better sense, but still have little problem. I will correct them tomorrow night. I would be waiting to hear from ur good news! Good luck! Well, I am so sorry, but I need to go bed. My eyes are like panda again...